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Spiritual Guidance

Retreats recharge your spiritual "battery"

A group of men walkingRetreats, which usually combine meditation, prayer, and conversation with a spiritual director, are designed to bring retreatants closer to God and to renew their spiritual energy. Guided group retreats and individually directed retreats are available.

By stepping away briefly from our normal preoccupations and pursuits, a retreat can provide us with a peaceful, introspective interlude in which to reflect on our gifts, how God wants us to use them, and how we can best fulfill our purpose in life.

For more information on retreat facilities in the California Province, visit the Retreat and Counseling Centers page.

"Jesus went up to the mount to pray by himself. He wanted to connect more deeply with his Father, to know his Father's will, and to gain strength for what he needed to do. Prayer impels one to work out in the world."
William Rewak, S.J.