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Sacred Heart Jesuit Center

For Jesuits, retirement means taking up a life dedicated to prayer and continued personal growth. When it is time, our men come home to the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, Calif. Between 75 and 80 elderly Jesuits, averaging 80 years of age, reside here, including those who require assistance for illness or infirmity.

Formation for late life

A Jesuit painting as another looks on

Sacred Heart Jesuit Center (SHJC) houses independent seniors as well as those in need of assisted living or skilled nursing. Besides devoting a great deal of time to praying for the Church and the Society of Jesus, some men assist at Masses in parishes or serve at shelters. The center offers our seniors a full spectrum of religious and social activities, including arts and crafts classes, Bible study, lectures, nature outings, and exercise programs like pilates and weightlifting.

Expanding our identities

A Jesuit painting

Through 2013, we expect the number of senior Jesuits in our Province to reach an all-time high. The SHJC staff would like to develop resources that help our senior members experience formation for late life that is as enriching as the formation process they embarked on at the beginning of their journeys as Jesuits.

SHJC also offers volunteer opportunities for men and women 21 years or older to serve as companions, drivers, and readers for elderly Jesuits. Interested individuals may call the Recreation Services Coordinator at (408) 884-1810 to learn about current volunteer needs.

cultivating our interior garden "...even toward the end of life, psychological changes are still taking place...Instead of being concerned with conventional achievement or with impressing others, there is a wish to be rid of superfluities, a greater concern with essentials"
Anthony Storr, Aspects of Adult Development