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Benefactors have always occupied a special place in the life of Jesuits, for our ministries and programs could not exist without your generous support. We invite you to become a Jesuit Partner by making a gift in support of these critical areas:

Training and education of Jesuits is called formation, a process that typically lasts 10 to 12 years. It begins when a man enters the Jesuits and ends when he is ready to be assigned to a ministry as a brother or an ordained priest. Currently, about 50 men are at various stages of formation; the average annual cost per Jesuit is $50,000.

Nurse checking a Jesuit's heartCaring for our elder priests and brothers is a labor of love, and a very costly one. Between 75 and 80 of our senior members, averaging 80 years of age, reside at the Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, devoting themselves to prayer and spiritual growth. The center operates an infirmary to provide skilled nursing if required.

MassInternational ministries of the Society are supported by personnel and funds supplied by the California Province. Currently, our Jesuits are missioned in Brazil, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Uruguay, Zambia-Malawi. In addition, the Province supports other Jesuit educational, social, and pastoral ministries around the world.

Social and pastoral ministries in the Province. We provide financial support to Jesuit-sponsored and other ministries within the Province's service: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and Utah. This support often takes the form of start-up or seed-grant assistance to ministries serving the poor and underprivileged.

One of St. Ignatius's original companions commented that Jesuits must always keep "one foot in the air," meaning that they must always be ready at a moment's notice to be sent where the need is greatest. That's why we encourage our benefactors to give the California Province the flexibility it needs by making contributions of an unrestricted nature whenever possible. This allows the Province to apply gifts to meet the greatest need at a particular time, whether it be educating Jesuits, caring for elderly or infirm Jesuits, or sustaining ministries to serve people in parishes, schools, and communities here or abroad.

Your gift to the Jesuits brings the power and presence of Jesus Christ into the lives of needful individuals, and provides us with resources to develop and pursue new opportunities to serve God's people.

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